Camping on Byangee Walls

June 21, 2009

Originally we organised an easy trip out to the Starlights Trail for this weekend, but in the end we made a last minute decision to head down to The Budawangs and try to summit Byangee Walls. Three of us headed out on Friday after work. It wasn't a trip with a lot of walking, but it was very demanding on all of us!

All of the photos can be found here

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Byangee Mountain

November 10, 2008

This weekend I took a walk out to Byangee Mountain. It is has been on the list to investigate for some time, and plan a multi day hike around so on Saturday I set out to climb at least the first section of the trail.

All the photos can be found here.

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Kosi in October

November 01, 2008

A long five days hiking across the roof of Australia.

The trip is documented on hikeoz

The trip report can be found here.

And all the photos are found here.

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Summer is getting closer

September 27, 2008

The weather has been warming up already so this morning I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to go for the years first swim. As you can see, the conditions were great, although the water is still a little cool!

It was so cold each time I went under a wave, the coldness took my breath away!

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The Castle Wins Again

September 12, 2008

Another hike in the Budawangs, this time we went into Monolith, climbed Mount Owen, tried to get to the top of Shrouded Gods, and I whimped out of the ascent of The Castle!

The trip report is here.

All the photos can be found here.

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Katoomba to Mittagong

August 08, 2008

The longest hike I am ever likely to complete successfully!

Check out the full report on hikeoz.

And the full set of photos are found here.

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We Found The Hidden Valley

July 13, 2008

No trip report yet, but this was a hike through the Budawangs to Styles Creek and Hidden Valley.

Hike report can be found here.

All the photos are here.

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Remember the Anzacs

May 11, 2008

It was Anzac weekend, and another opportunity for me to get out on a Solo hike in Kosiuszko national park. My plan for this weekend was to attempt an off track section following the Tooma river across Ryries Parlour to Pretty Plain.

The trip report can be found on hikeoz here.

You can check out all the photos here.

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Kosiuzsko Hiking

April 06, 2008

Another easter, another Kosi hike!

This time we headed down Pretty Plain again, and then back via Farm Ridge fire trail. A great trip, with a great story!

Here are the photos from the trip

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Camping in Deua

I managed to get a couple of days off work so I could hit the serenity of Deua NP while it was free of motor bikes!!

Here are the photos from the trip

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